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This player has been modded by the community

well you made it 10 days..i guess you dont care about having to be able to chat...so its gone permenently!!! -chat -post KC 97 2:37 PM, Monday August 23, 2021 EDT
chat returned...please have respect for others..next time will be longer ban..or possible permenent ban of chat and post +chat +post KC 97 10:53 AM, Friday August 13, 2021 EDT
you were warned by TLP about swearing at players..and bad mouthing..#89573733,#89573744,this languge removes your chat and post for a month,till AUG 13TH -chat -post KC 97 1:53 PM, Tuesday July 13, 2021 EDT
Chat returned. Anymore bad mouthing and swearing at opponents and chat will be removed for a month! +chat +post TLP 2:07 PM, Saturday March 13, 2021 EST
calling player mf this and mf that is not acceptable. Take a time out for a week. -chat -post TLP 2:01 PM, Monday March 1, 2021 EST
chat reinstated, please keep the language clean. next time will result in a longer mute period and possible ban of play. thx and gl +chat gnice37 8:31 PM, Sunday February 28, 2021 EST
chat ban till march 1st...evidence www.gpokr.com/games/88658566 -chat +post gnice37 9:43 PM, Tuesday February 23, 2021 EST

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http://www.gpokr.com/games/89573733 http://www.gpokr.com/games/89573744 http://www.gpokr.com/games/89573739
"pebble" on Tuesday July 13, 2021
MFPimp on Tuesday February 23, 2021
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