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Dick Tucker

twitch.tv/bluelineking7 watch me play for real money .,,.,. live dealers, real money
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This player has been modded by the community

reinstated....talked to player and he understands...gl +changeAvatar gnice37 4:45 PM, Thursday July 6, 2017 EDT
unmuted for kdice +chat integral 3:07 PM, Saturday June 24, 2017 EDT
no to avatar -avatar KC 97 11:01 PM, Friday June 16, 2017 EDT
. +post kellykellymoore 11:44 PM, Thursday June 15, 2017 EDT
you're forum post was so uncalled for....you may get away w/ that on kdice but not here...do not ask for anything back -changeAvatar -chat -post gnice37 10:25 PM, Wednesday June 14, 2017 EDT
+changeavatar with the understanding that anything even borderline offensive gets -play not just -avatar +changeAvatar Pursey 12:46 AM, Saturday May 28, 2016 EDT
same avatar, same response, same action. -changeAvatar -avatar kellykellymoore 10:15 PM, Monday May 23, 2016 EDT
Another chance. Your moderation history is longer than most novels now. Perhaps accept that if this many Moderators/Advisors have taken an action on your account and find your actions objectionable, it's probably the majority that's right, not yourself. Further action needing to be taken on this account will result in minimum 30 days loss of play/chat/post. +changeAvatar +post Pursey 10:36 AM, Thursday July 9, 2015 EDT
+play -changeAvatar -post -avatar Pursey 2:12 AM, Tuesday June 30, 2015 EDT
ENOUGH. You have been warned. You deliberately push boundaries to antagonise. The -play is a one game deal. Grow up. White Knight accusations are laughable. Take responsibility for your actions. -changeAvatar -play -post -avatar Pursey 2:12 AM, Tuesday June 30, 2015 EDT
I dunno how no one noticed your avatar sooner. Pick something without actual 'dick tucking', pubic hair, or pornography. Pick another inappropriate one and you won't be able to select an avatar any more. Please consider that I'm the third moderator who has taken an action on your account this month, so the ice you skate upon is growing ever thinner. -avatar Pursey 12:35 AM, Monday June 22, 2015 EDT
restored. Stop bein such a ... you. +chat +post kellykellymoore 5:53 PM, Friday June 19, 2015 EDT
Your harassment of a player at a table was childish and unneeded. You might think you're cute but others do not. 3 days. -chat -post kellykellymoore 11:10 PM, Tuesday June 16, 2015 EDT
Please play by the rules from now on +play brunettebarbie 6:11 AM, Monday June 15, 2015 EDT
cheating by sharing answers elsewhere with _The_Joker_ -play -avatar brunettebarbie 5:45 PM, Monday June 8, 2015 EDT
post and reviews fixed +post jurgen 2:20 PM, Saturday May 9, 2015 EDT

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@VunnamRamu finishes the tournament 1st and wins $87,500
@VunnamRamu on Monday September 3, 2018
Amazing one mod says dont ask for anything back after this guys history and then da da along comes the mod who is never on or sits at empty tables and over rules what the other mod has said. Another pet obviously. How many times does one need to offend and write such stupid posts that offends players before what a mod who is a mod says goes.
***Insane*** on Sunday June 18, 2017
your past haunts you....if your cleaning up your act thats great...hopefully we wont have any more problems...GL at tables...
KC 97 on Saturday June 17, 2017
"He has written more insult reviews that the total players since the game began. I have seen him insult our longest standing players and said things that are completely untrue. Wonder if he does that at kdice which is where I wish he would return. I so wish a posting ban was done on this guy. But then he prob would run back to kdcie crying and get a mod remove it like the last avvy banning." by *Dont Be Mad*
"pebble" on Thursday September 1, 2016
i think dick tucker has some very serious social skill issues
Bucktooth on Wednesday August 31, 2016
sniffle ok
grump on Thursday August 25, 2016
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