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gnice37 wrote
at 10:24 PM, Monday February 3, 2020 EST
Site guide and tips
GPokr Tips and Solutions

Inspired by GPokr player Myerlyn(Greg Myers)
Options at the bottom of every GPokr page-

Leaderboard - Here you can view top 25 players of the month, career top players, and month archives. You can also view biggest hand and loss for the day. It also shows top win and loss, most busts and most refills of the month.

Tournaments - This is where you can view upcoming tournaments and view history of other tournaments.

Forum - Here you can post problems or issues that you are having, or general comments.

Membership - This is where you can purchase a membership for GPokr. You can also purchase a monthly boost here.

Search - You can search for a specific player here, or you can search your own account. You must type the entire name exactly. You can also view a player's profile by clicking their name.

Rules - This is a general rules page and also lists the advisors for gpokr. It shows you which advisor is on and at what table.

Help - This a general help section. It goes over the basics of gpokr and how the medals work. It was put together by a GPokr player.
Options to the right of the page under your name-

Settings- (General) Add or change your avatar, turn sounds on and off, customize what you see at the tables. This is also where you load an avatar of your choice.

Settings-(Profile) Add a tag line, flag or something about yourself.

Settings-(Following) Add or remove people you follow. (friends)
Blocking an av or a player's chat-

To block a player's avatar, just click it.

To temporarily mute another player's chat, type the following into the chat box:

/mute player name

There is a space between mute and the player's name. The name must be typed exactly as it is, case sensitive.
No one else will know that you have muted a player, this will last until one of you stands up.

Is your game slowing down or lagging? Try clearing your history, cookies, and cache and restarting your computer.
Also, pressing "ctrl F5" helps solve many issues.
GPokr - Free Texas Holdem Poker
GPokr is a free texas holdem poker game that is played in monthly competitions.
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