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threatening someone and filling chatbox with jibberish.. -chat -re-register KC 97 3:02 PM, Friday October 15, 2021 EDT

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When he is playing don't look at chat box, that's it, why are you disturbing him, actually have to ban rhx
@VunnamRamu on Wednesday October 13, 2021
hillian has left freemason666: 90 at age: â? â? â?  freemason666: 60 at age: â? â?  freemason666: 30 at age: â?  playerdjmc is here freemason666: Tattoos. zakei has left boanstveni2 has left Oldlee has left Oldlee is here freemason666: â?³ â?  â?? hats freemason666: MMM and mmm are crowns freemason666: Crown have rule freemason666: I see RHX55: looking for a chat ban juha? freemason666: |X| (M) freemason666: viking letter freemason666: two flag freemason666: border RHX55: stop spouting jibberish here freemason666: This not game? RHX55: go to an empty table playerdjmc: off his meds again freemason666: Okay freemason666: meds your bad karma RHX55: you ask for it juha freemason666: 2 : 1 freemason666: J I B B E R I S H freemason666: You should thank me that RHX55: i am warning you freemason666: I go tell someone you play here dictator RHX55: i will get you chat banned freemason666: That intimidation freemason666: free world Minchiaciow has left RHX55: ask what others think freemason666: no wsop to you playerdjmc: No juha you have been babbling for days now on here korak is here freemason666: You have to understand I have right say what I want RHX55: you are spamming the chat box with jibberish , that is harrassement freemason666: I not there is rule book freemason666: This is not spamming RHX55: yes and you have been banned before RHX55: and you will again freemason666: Because first banned was illegal RHX55: i am copping all the chat freemason666: Be my guess RHX55: and we will see freemason666: It is civiled talk korak has left playerdjmc: no but it is constant and inane freemason666: You are dum freemason666: And child RHX55: lol RHX55: thats rich coming from you playerdjmc: gigo playerdjmc: dido freemason666: I ask banned your accounts you TWO teasing me RHX55: go away freemason666 has left RHX55: so, you call me dumb and a child.... and i am teasing you?
RHX55 on Tuesday October 12, 2021
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