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Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [5s, 5h] cojac calls arancinu folds aamike calls papa10 folds califblueboxer calls hidden duece calls pepecolo calls JulesDogg checks Dealing flop: [5d, 6d, 7d] pepecolo checks JulesDogg bets $700 cojac folds aamike folds califblueboxer folds hidden duece calls pepecolo calls Dealing turn: [4s] pepecolo checks JulesDogg checks hidden duece checks Dealing river: [4d] pepecolo bets $2,200 JulesDogg raises $7,400 hidden duece raises $20,300 pepecolo raises $31,000 JulesDogg calls hidden duece shows [Ad, 5c] for a flush Ace high pepecolo shows [2s, 8d] for a straight flush eight high JulesDogg shows [5s, 5h] for a full house, fives full of fours pepecolo wins main pot $59,700 pepecolo wins side pot $3,000 pepecolo wins side pot $12,900 hidden duece stands up JulesDogg stands up
JulesDogg on Wednesday April 16, 2014
i love u
Yair Grayevsky on Tuesday March 22, 2011
hey pepe culo loving ur own asshole...what a fkn loser hope you choke on ur male friend cock in ur mouth...pussy
Y$$UPEV0L1 on Wednesday March 17, 2010
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