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grow up or you will stay silent for a lot longer next time. +chat kellykellymoore 2:24 PM, Thursday February 18, 2016 EST
. +play kellykellymoore 10:00 AM, Wednesday February 17, 2016 EST
grow up. Spamming "whore" in the chat box. Will restore play in 24 hours, good luck with chat. Don't screw around with the other acct either. Hugs! -chat -play kellykellymoore 1:33 PM, Tuesday February 16, 2016 EST
please follow the rules and stop harassing players +chat +post gnice37 2:57 PM, Thursday December 31, 2015 EST
play restored, chat will be returned on 1/1 +play gnice37 11:46 AM, Saturday December 5, 2015 EST
i guess you didnt learn your lesson from KC. I will not tolerate you talking to females that way. chat gone till January, play will be restored on friday -chat -play -post gnice37 8:14 PM, Tuesday December 1, 2015 EST
chat and post returned..if i see you calling names again you lose for good...and your other acct Jack Bauer as well... +chat +post KC 97 10:47 PM, Wednesday September 30, 2015 EDT
abusive language..taking chat away till further notice was warned many times -chat -post KC 97 3:16 PM, Wednesday September 9, 2015 EDT
lifted. Please refrain from inappropriate chat. +chat annat 1:10 PM, Thursday August 11, 2011 EDT
Per forum post, several complaints and after warnings, you continued with your inappropriate chat. Ban for 1 week. -chat annat 5:05 PM, Thursday August 4, 2011 EDT

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chip gainers today +188,029 RHX55 $291,918 Chip Losers Today -610,855 -MD- what was it you were saying?
RHX55 on Friday July 15, 2016
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