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I miss the Metsar!
These cards suck on Wednesday April 14, 2010
sterk ... 2e !
odnexa1 on Sunday February 1, 2009
Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [Kd, Ks] Metsar raises $9,000 ramonfaur calls cexpress folds bowny_ab87 folds Dealing flop: [Js, 2s, Qc] Metsar bets $10,000 ramonfaur calls Dealing turn: [Jd] Metsar bets $2,000 ramonfaur calls Dealing river: [Jc] Metsar bets $4,000 ramonfaur raises $8,000 Metsar raises $59,500 ramonfaur calls ramonfaur shows [As, Ah] for a full house, Jacks full of Aces Metsar shows [Kd, Ks] for a full house, Jacks full of Kings ramonfaur wins main pot $170,500
Metsar on Thursday December 18, 2008
calls too much, especially preflop, plays a bout a 60/5 (VPIP/PRFR) style. he likes slowplay, doesnt protect his made hand enough. sometimes value betting too less (1/6 pot size etc.) understands the game pretty well, knows when to fold, but doesnt know when to stop betting sometimes. he should start pushin when in a pot with a made hand, and stop preflop calling hands like QQ, its a raise/fold situation) good luck in the future
Manuthegreat on Monday December 8, 2008
Good job Met! Congrats.
Impatient on Monday March 31, 2008
Good player, nice dude
JulesDogg on Sunday February 24, 2008
tazm on Tuesday February 5, 2008
a very good player!
link9 on Thursday January 17, 2008
I still love you!!
cash on Saturday January 5, 2008
i beat him out of a hand once and he replied by saying "fuck you bitch", thats why i said he had a potty mouth.
cash on Friday January 4, 2008
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