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LuckyNumbers wrote
at 10:10 PM, Friday March 4, 2011 EST
LuckyNumbers's turn
skrumgaer defeated 5v8, 19 to 18, (2,6,2,4,5 to 2,4,2,1,2,2,2,3)
LuckyNumbers sits out
+17 dice
LuckyNumbers's turn
skrumgaer defended 6v8, 21 to 21, (4,2,6,2,1,6 to 2,3,2,2,2,1,4,5)
+18 dice
LuckyNumbers's turn
luisimy defeated 5v8, 21 to 17, (4,6,2,6,3 to 1,3,4,1,3,1,1,3)
skrumgaer defended 4v8, 22 to 29, (6,5,6,5 to 4,2,2,1,6,3,5,6)
+19 dice
Just rolling my dice. Three great turns!
LuckyNumbers wrote
at 1:47 AM, Monday February 14, 2011 EST
Hey guys. If you are reading this you are probably interested a little bit about me. I am 17 old and the only reason I am playing an internet game is because my rents took my Xbox 360 away from me because I wanted to go pro in Halo Reach and they did not support my decision. They want me to get better than my 2.6 GPA last semester and if it seems like I have really good strategy or anything it's probably because I have been studying the maps on this site and trying to figure out STRONG HOLDS like we have in Halo Reach. . . everyone knows in games like this there are stronger positions to hold or what I am learning WEAK POINTS in this game. . . you want to learn more ask me I am friendly and also if you want to get really good at games and be the best with strategy and fun stuff like that I am always looking for a person to talk to about it. I can't understand why I am so fascinated by stuff like this but hopefully you won't have to put up for me for very long!
I know I won't ever be able to edit this so I am looking for comments on this start off post and hopefully nobody will even know I made this post in a few weeks because my name is so popular on this site.
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