Mini Freeroll 2

$50,000 Freeroll

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oilcandude wrote
at 7:59 PM, Monday December 26, 2022 EST
why don't i have the option to join tonight's game?
penny2 wrote
at 7:44 PM, Sunday August 22, 2021 EDT
penny2find me
_Z_ wrote
at 7:48 PM, Sunday May 23, 2021 EDT
Why do I not have an option to join tonight's 8:00 free roll?
Big Al Rogorson wrote
at 7:43 PM, Monday May 25, 2020 EDT
Why do I not have an option to join tonight's 8:00 free roll?
angelo13 wrote
at 8:08 PM, Tuesday May 16, 2017 EDT
angelo13 i joined 50k free roll why am i not in it ?????
JeffEmber wrote
at 7:50 PM, Sunday July 17, 2016 EDT
How do I sign-up for tournament> I click - no option. I have plenty of chips.
Zimtok5 wrote
at 7:58 PM, Monday January 11, 2016 EST
Villager wrote
at 8:06 PM, Wednesday May 13, 2015 EDT
Signed up for Mini Freeroll 2...did not get in. Have had a lot of trouble in the mini freerolls
past two days. Unplayable. Villager
swoop4meat wrote
at 12:21 PM, Monday October 22, 2012 EDT
go with the flow man
poke-oh wrote
at 7:45 PM, Sunday May 27, 2012 EDT
How do I unjoin?
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