Monday 20k

$20,000 Buy-In

Tournament Information

Max Score:$1,000,000,000
Max Players:100
Max Table Size:9

Last Completed Tournament

Started: Jan 30, 6:00 PM EST
Finished: 12:00 AM EST
1st muddylemon $+180,000
2nd linda1961 $+108,000
3rd Sergeant Pepper $+72,000
full results...


Monday, February 6 @ 6 PM EST  
Monday, February 13 @ 6 PM EST  
Monday, February 20 @ 6 PM EST  
Monday, February 27 @ 6 PM EST  


Dinis wrote:
5:15 PM, Monday February 17, 2014 EST
andorka wrote:
6:09 PM, Monday August 27, 2012 EDT
The Germ wrote:
That was AWESOME!!!! Finally my first tornny win!! Good Game everyone!!!
6:54 PM, Monday February 7, 2011 EST
@xxxblove wrote:
daryl wiggins has a little dick
5:36 PM, Monday November 22, 2010 EST
evans wrote:
I got invited and it didnt go to the tourney when I accepted and it took my chips
6:10 PM, Monday June 21, 2010 EDT
prouty wrote:
I think there might be a problem with the code. For example, it might be a 20k buy in but he accidentally checks again to see if you have 20k when starting the tourney. If not, you don't get the invite. We'll see today what happens
5:48 PM, Monday October 26, 2009 EDT
slapitgood wrote:
This is the 3rd time you took my entry fee and i didn,t get invited to play the tourny. WTF! Please answer this comment.
6:05 PM, Monday October 19, 2009 EDT
Lil Porker wrote:
wat the heck is going on during da tournament my freakin chips in my bankroll were going down as the tour. proceeded sure i won 1st bt i say some1 took about 60k in my bankroll thatz da last tourney 4me mayb even my membership!!!!!!!!!!
5:57 PM, Monday April 27, 2009 EDT
same with me, what´s up with that?
6:03 PM, Monday April 13, 2009 EDT
phc208 wrote:
I paid my chips and did not get invited into the tourney... what a ripoff.
6:05 PM, Monday December 8, 2008 EST
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