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$10,000 Buy-In

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andorka wrote
at 2:33 PM, Monday February 17, 2014 EST
Sok mákos.. de utalom őket
andorka wrote
at 2:33 PM, Monday February 17, 2014 EST
Jxjbudhhisb8db. Skb sir djbt div dib #*;*$ djtjd ekfntbie oor d.eken diebfjr dhbtme. Ebrbdn ffin. Nrnre firk fhnjdbg jnfjtjf & ndntk eunr i o i infkgmdlrk. Kdnxmfm
Dinis wrote
at 12:58 PM, Thursday August 22, 2013 EDT
*** INSANE ***

I love you
durrrrrrrr wrote
at 1:33 PM, Saturday June 29, 2013 EDT
Can someone please answer, how do you join the tournament at 2pm!???
oops164 wrote
at 1:02 PM, Monday November 19, 2012 EST
There is the tourney, same 12 hours ago!!!
romeojones wrote
at 3:17 PM, Saturday March 24, 2012 EDT
scs you had my number all tourny caught too bluffs it was crazy. really good game, an im just setten you the next one. i even thuoght i won the last hand... laughs on me c ya....
Tdubb wrote
at 1:07 PM, Tuesday March 20, 2012 EDT
how do i get in?
Kutau Yang Kumau wrote
at 1:58 PM, Sunday February 5, 2012 EST
Nice Hand
andorka wrote
at 1:32 PM, Monday June 7, 2010 EDT
andorka wrote
at 1:31 PM, Monday June 7, 2010 EDT
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