Dienstag 10k

$10,000 Buy-In

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pascal1981 wrote
at 5:37 AM, Tuesday April 20, 2010 EDT
i cant buy in
gekk wrote
at 5:16 AM, Tuesday April 6, 2010 EDT
ma io vaggia magnà
algocalmin wrote
at 5:34 AM, Tuesday February 9, 2010 EST
I-m in
Stoat wrote
at 6:00 AM, Tuesday February 2, 2010 EST
Where do I go to play?!
Stoat wrote
at 5:51 AM, Tuesday February 2, 2010 EST
I'm in, looking forward to it!
ToniV.G wrote
at 5:33 AM, Tuesday December 23, 2008 EST
can someone give me 10 000 :D
StokeTay wrote
at 5:02 AM, Tuesday December 16, 2008 EST
never mind im in :D

Fanx TLP ;)
StokeTay wrote
at 4:33 AM, Tuesday December 16, 2008 EST
how much money do u have to have to sign up nto tournements cuz ive even tried the 2500 daily yesterday n i had 20k... n y is there never a join button?
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