Mini Freeroll 3

$50,000 Freeroll

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JeffEmber wrote
at 10:04 PM, Sunday July 17, 2016 EDT
This site sucks..I'm going to burn chips and leave.
LilyL666 wrote
at 10:40 PM, Tuesday April 23, 2013 EDT
I can't get in either because it sez I joined when I didn't. Same thing happened last nite and I didn't get in the tournament
HORSIE wrote
at 10:43 PM, Wednesday February 13, 2013 EST
why does it say joined and i don't get in
Lj krieb wrote
at 9:47 PM, Wednesday June 6, 2012 EDT
Dont know
Michael Vota wrote
at 10:55 PM, Thursday May 10, 2012 EDT
when do we sign in?
Punk In Drublic wrote
at 12:11 AM, Friday February 24, 2012 EST
worst tourney ever. everyone was racist. everyone was fat. everyone killed the flipping slipping jabroney
at 11:07 PM, Wednesday January 25, 2012 EST
THIS SITE SUCKS! I was at a tble and NO cards and asking me for a bet! Then I join a tounement and there is no way in hell where to go to.............It doesn't let you know where to go go to or anything. FUCK THIS SITE!!!!!!!!
at 10:51 PM, Wednesday January 25, 2012 EST
First for me to. But where do you go>>>>>does it put you on yur table? Been looking and can't find anything. Tain't like Full Tilt
remark wrote
at 11:56 PM, Tuesday December 27, 2011 EST
I think this is the first time I've been paid by a tourney on gpokr.
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