watchagot wrote
at 9:43 AM, Friday June 4, 2021 EDT
OMG I cant believe things have got to this ... being banned for lagging or using the timer, how pathetic is that. maybe the new rules should be:-

Break these rules and you will get banned for a month

No Lagging
No using timer
No sitting away from table
No going for pee during tourney
No using phone while playing because
the game needs your undivided attention

and any other things that you might do while playing

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watchagot wrote
at 10:09 AM, Friday June 4, 2021 EDT
a rule I forgot

No playing from you work place

and please try not to have another life outside of gpokr
ThamesBoy wrote
at 11:50 AM, Friday June 4, 2021 EDT
A temporary ban for a player that consistently lets the timer run down EVERY hand that he doesnâ??t want to play, and isnâ??t due to lag but more due to the fact that he canâ??t be bothered to press the check or fold button is deserved IMO. Itâ??s just disrespectful to other players.

No one has been banned for lagging.
No one has been banned for sitting away
No one has been banned for going for a pee, thank god

As stated above, the ban that has previously been enforced, and probably needs to again, is for deliberately not being bothered to check/fold 95% of the time that he doesnâ??t have a hand.
ThamesBoy wrote
at 11:51 AM, Friday June 4, 2021 EDT
P.S. Ryan.... sort apostrophes out!
gazoo2 wrote
at 4:47 PM, Friday June 4, 2021 EDT
I agree with you watchagot, it's pathetic.
There is absolutely no proof that this isn't lag or even a strategy using the games tools. Just like some use their verbal diarrhea to antagonize, players might just be using the timer similarly.
All these type of actions do is create less and less of a player-base. Hell, finding a table higher than one of the 25/50 with more than 3 players is a struggle.
I say let the players play...those that are left anyhow. The owner doesn't give a shit, why should anyone else.
unskilled wrote
at 6:42 PM, Friday June 4, 2021 EDT
Thank you mods for banning people who waste time.
unskilled wrote
at 6:44 PM, Friday June 4, 2021 EDT
There is an option to "sit out" if you need to take a break. 8 other people shouldn't have to wait for you to finish urinating.
at 9:04 PM, Friday June 4, 2021 EDT
Sticking up for your neighbor againâ?¦.sick
*Dont Be Mad* wrote
at 12:11 AM, Sunday June 6, 2021 EDT
Until Ryan sorts all the glitches, the main one being lag how can anyone say what is or isnt lag? I have found I may not lag but others are and some worse than others. Sounds like someone has had it in for a player and complained about it, and we should have half the site at same stage banned for this reason lag or not. This is so wrong.
watchagot wrote
at 3:02 AM, Sunday June 6, 2021 EDT

We cant control lag but what is a timer for if not to be used ..... it would be like having a toilet in your house and being told not to use it lol
unskilled wrote
at 4:58 PM, Sunday June 6, 2021 EDT
There's a huge difference between people who occasionally time out due to lag or whatever, and people like phizz and mildew who almost always use full time for each decision. I don't care if the cause is malice, being inconsiderate, a slow computer, or whatever. It is very disruptive to the game and should not be tolerated.

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