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Been to all 7 continents!
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GStriker wrote
at 5:45 PM, Friday February 9, 2024 EST
Played poker without me? haha
Cya around
Delboy71 wrote
at 2:39 PM, Monday February 8, 2021 EST
TLP wrote
at 6:51 PM, Monday October 19, 2020 EDT
Guess what I just found when moving files to my new laptop? Yep I found it! Del's Touney Spreadsheet :D
merhoops wrote
at 9:40 AM, Thursday December 21, 2017 EST

Have a jammy Xmas!
TLP wrote
at 3:11 PM, Monday September 21, 2015 EDT
Delllllllllllllllllllllll ((hugs)) *blows kisses
TLP wrote
at 1:00 PM, Thursday May 10, 2012 EDT
miss you, hope all ok ((Del))
kellykellymoore wrote
at 7:26 PM, Sunday April 29, 2012 EDT

Recently appointed spokesman for Zaphod Beeblebrox
kellykellymoore wrote
at 1:41 PM, Sunday April 1, 2012 EDT
Hug, Delly! Gl in April! =)
Delboy71 wrote
at 4:35 PM, Friday March 30, 2012 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [6s, 8s]
maharaji calls
monica74 folds
avi_25 folds
irish rover checks
blade try calls
kazzzman calls
Delboy71 checks
Dealing flop: [7d, 9s, 9d]
kazzzman checks
Delboy71 bets $8,000
maharaji folds
irish rover raises $16,000
blade try folds
kazzzman folds
Delboy71 raises $13,386
irish rover calls
Dealing turn: [Jd]
Dealing river: [Tc]
irish rover shows [6h, 9c] for three nines
Delboy71 shows [6s, 8s] for a straight Jack high
Delboy71 wins main pot $47,772
TLP wrote
at 2:20 PM, Sunday January 22, 2012 EST
merhoops: TLP is wrong.....

Please deal with this insubordination for me!!!!!
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