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These cards suck

Yes, I've retired.
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These cards, you are gonna have to suspend my dead as a dodo account on xsketch, same thing happened to me as clar. Cheers
Rabid Womble on Wednesday April 28, 2010
These cards suck u fuckin bitch everyone on here is right u r a faggot who thinks he has to much power because ryan mistakenly make u an advisor
run pecker on Saturday April 17, 2010
omg i got ban ... u idiot why u not tell me ferst... IDIOT. i want join in membership and u banned me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LT_mode_LT on Friday April 9, 2010
restore my avater u maggot!! i seen some1 with the same1 an alot of worse 1's on here an u done nothing 2 them u sh-thouse .....
john27 on Monday March 1, 2010
u must mean the little boy at the candy store u should have ur facebook pic u fat fuck what a fkn loser good riddens
I'm just a NOOB? on Tuesday February 23, 2010
you fat fuck why did u suck so much cock!!!! is it because you are a child molestor wyth that little boy on your shoulders!!!!!
almighty1 on Tuesday February 23, 2010
Go on YIM please
trendz on Tuesday February 23, 2010
This guy is the worst mod here @ gpokr!! I say mute him!!! His ego might explode.... Stop messing w/ people for no reason we see u stalkin at tables......noob
RiCH@rd Cr@niUM on Saturday February 13, 2010
It's also cheatingStarting Hand ???? Stevii folds PIRRI calls Psychosocial calls john27 calls linka80 calls mark07 raises $4,000 PIRRI folds Psychosocial folds john27 calls linka80 calls Dealing flop: [Ad, Tc, Js] linka80 bets $3,000 mark07 raises $8,000 john27 calls linka80 calls Dealing turn: [Kh] linka80 checks mark07 bets $86,000 john27 folds linka80 folds mark07 wins main pot $127,000 ..............
dolfin on Friday January 22, 2010
stop being a prick that u are and tell truth....u fkn impersanated noob liar prick
K1NGRATTTTTTTTTT on Thursday January 21, 2010
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