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Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [Jc, Jd] justinwon raises $10,526 GreGGwar folds srdavebetterhalf folds leekstep raises $19,700 ramonfaur folds Dealing flop: [9h, Jh, 5c] Dealing turn: [2h] Dealing river: [Ad] justinwon shows [6h, 5h] for a flush Jack high leekstep shows [Jc, Jd] for three Jacks justinwon wins main pot $21,652 leekstep wins side pot $9,074 I swear to god the next hand i sat, i refreshed for 20k, dealt 9,9 against had top pair trips on the flop, and the river when i had 4 to flush and top trips he hit a straight to go with his 5,6 allin.
leekstep on Saturday May 1, 2010
Justin, You are a lovely guy, you're funny and a joy to be around. You liven up gpokr and kdice. I like spending time with you. You're generous and when I am around you generally stays around as long as you can for me. You is a great contribution to the game and it would be a delight if people would follow your lead. You're helpful and many people would be willing to help you out. You are liked by all and everyone wants to be your friend. Thanks for being such a great friend for me. xoxo Hayley
Hails5 on Saturday June 27, 2009
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