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There's too many people planning my downfall..
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Its been a ittle over a year Lars...since 2013 you have been banned for language numrous times...i hope after this long of a time you will have learned to control yourself and be more respectful to others...dont make me regret giving you your chat back..and remember it can be taken away..again...Merry Christmas... +chat +post KC 97 1:37 PM, Monday December 25, 2017 EST
you were warned!!!..#76845258...2500 NIGHTLY TOURNEY..I was in...after i left you went out and then called a player your bannable remark...F....ng L...y C..t guess now you suffer with no chat.... -chat -post KC 97 8:34 PM, Sunday December 11, 2016 EST
chat and post returned...clean up your language..next time ban will be permanent!! +chat +post KC 97 9:51 PM, Friday September 30, 2016 EDT
you never learn....lucky _ _ nt will not be tolerated...this makes the 8th time you have been chat banned for this kind of language...no chat till oct 1st...if it happens again it will be permanent -chat -post KC 97 10:51 PM, Thursday September 8, 2016 EDT
restored +chat kellykellymoore 12:33 AM, Sunday March 6, 2016 EST
same problem, different day. -chat kellykellymoore 10:44 AM, Tuesday February 23, 2016 EST
chat returned...please be more respectful and dont call people names... +chat KC 97 9:54 PM, Sunday December 13, 2015 EST
calling names after being warned -chat KC 97 12:02 AM, Friday December 4, 2015 EST
restored +chat +post kellykellymoore 9:58 AM, Tuesday October 13, 2015 EDT
Chat suspended for repeatedly using offensive language. Grow up. -chat -post kellykellymoore 11:26 PM, Sunday October 4, 2015 EDT
giving chat back +chat river bum 11:16 PM, Tuesday March 17, 2015 EDT
always calling people lucky cunt -chat river bum 11:03 PM, Monday February 2, 2015 EST
please refrain from the language you use towards players. +chat gnice37 11:35 PM, Wednesday July 23, 2014 EDT
please refrain from the language you use towards players. +chat gnice37 11:35 PM, Wednesday July 23, 2014 EDT
calling anyone that name will not be tolerated. this has been going on for sometime. -chat gnice37 1:58 AM, Wednesday May 21, 2014 EDT
Time served -Reinstated +chat +post TLP 3:25 PM, Saturday May 18, 2013 EDT
Abusive chat, a week in the cooler for you. Learn some manners and decorum maybe? -chat -post TLP 2:04 PM, Sunday February 3, 2013 EST

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Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [8h, 5c] LarsBar calls jrock5 takes a seat ArthurK calls skydog2013 calls romeojones calls Tristo calls FryingDutchman calls Haywood JaBlome calls L.R. Shadowplay folds Dealing flop: [Qc, 9d, 6s] Haywood JaBlome checks LarsBar bets $50 ArthurK calls skydog2013 folds romeojones folds Tristo calls FryingDutchman folds Haywood JaBlome calls Dealing turn: [7d] Haywood JaBlome checks LarsBar sits out LarsBar checks LarsBar sits in ArthurK checks Tristo bets $250 Haywood JaBlome calls LarsBar calls ArthurK calls Dealing river: [9c] Haywood JaBlome checks LarsBar checks ArthurK checks Tristo bets $300 Haywood JaBlome calls LarsBar raises $600 ArthurK folds Tristo calls Haywood JaBlome calls Haywood JaBlome shows [3h, 6c] for two pair, nines and sixs LarsBar shows [Kd, 9h] for three nines Tristo shows [8h, 5c] for a straight nine high Tristo wins main pot $3,400
Tristo on Saturday February 9, 2013
LarsBar: fuck poo pooyan blof: only all in LarsBar: slowplay cunt LarsBar: did someone say all in???? LarsBar: next hand? pooyan blof: all in LarsBar: ok pooyan blof: call LarsBar: lucky FUCKING CUNT pooyan blof: lol LarsBar: llucky fucking cunt LarsBar: what is this... lcuky cunt Wednesday
vimto on Wednesday October 17, 2012
2011-12-25 LarsBar is a crybaby. LarsBar's bluff fails and he cries. Chat and the hand below are verbatim as always. ++++++++++ LarsBar: tupid raises ---------- LarsBar: stupid moron ---------- 3.14159: isn't that redundant? ---------- LarsBar: cant u read a st8? [Note: LarsBar means, "Can't I fool you with my bluff of a straight?" ---------- 3.14159: i didn't know we were supposed to let you win, Lars ---------- ++++++++++ Starting Hand ---------- Dealing pocket cards: [9h, 7s] ---------- Dinis sits out ---------- kp94 folds ---------- LarsBar raises $100 ---------- Dinis stands up ---------- myhandsucks calls ---------- 3.14159 calls ---------- Dealing flop: [7d, 9s, Jd] ---------- myhandsucks checks ---------- 3.14159 bets $100 ---------- LarsBar raises $200 ---------- myhandsucks calls ---------- 3.14159 calls ---------- Dealing turn: [4h] ---------- myhandsucks checks ---------- 3.14159 checks ---------- LarsBar bets $650 ---------- myhandsucks calls ---------- 3.14159 calls ---------- Dealing river: [2c] ---------- myhandsucks checks ---------- 3.14159 checks ---------- LarsBar bets $2,850 ---------- myhandsucks folds ---------- 3.14159 raises $5,150 ---------- LarsBar calls ---------- LarsBar shows [8d, Qd] for Queen high ---------- 3.14159 shows [9h, 7s] for two pair, nines and sevens ---------- 3.14159 wins main pot $9,500 ---------- 3.14159 wins side pot $1,825 ---------- LarsBar stands up ---------- LarsBar takes a seat
3.14159 on Sunday December 25, 2011
RoyalFish is agressive - frank20 is a bluffer
LarsBar on Friday December 23, 2011
biggest asshole player,,,,ever
NORTHSIDE GRILL on Tuesday July 19, 2011
you are hella good
dmc on Sunday May 29, 2011
eat shit you fag
kmooreSucksDicks on Sunday June 20, 2010
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