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TLP wrote
at 2:00 AM, Wednesday June 17, 2015 EDT
Happy Birthday mer! Have a great day ð???
sye wrote
at 7:23 PM, Tuesday January 27, 2015 EST
TLP wrote
at 12:09 PM, Wednesday May 1, 2013 EDT
Nice last day medal mer !lick
TLP wrote
at 3:44 PM, Monday October 1, 2012 EDT
wooooot blueeeeeeeeeeeeee :D *blows kisses
TLP wrote
at 2:42 PM, Saturday September 1, 2012 EDT
Left it til late again! lol well done mer :)) !lick
TLP wrote
at 12:09 PM, Wednesday August 1, 2012 EDT
mer :)) Congrats on the late rally hun
ThamesBoy wrote
at 12:57 PM, Friday July 27, 2012 EDT
He went all in, naturally..

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [5s, Jh]
IsisBoy checks
Yorkshire sits out
bigbeno raises $7,000
timsino folds
MatthewBird calls
Basket J calls
Yorkshire stands up
R-O-B-B-Y calls
Clan raises $98,000
IsisBoy folds
bigbeno calls
MatthewBird folds
Basket J folds
R-O-B-B-Y folds
Dealing flop: [Qh, 9s, As]
Dealing turn: [8s]
Dealing river: [2c]
Clan shows [Ah, Ac] for three Aces
bigbeno shows [7h, 9d] for a pair of nines
Clan wins main pot $181,204
Clan wins side pot $19,398
bigbeno stands up
merhoops wrote
at 8:15 AM, Thursday May 3, 2012 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Tc, 3c]
Fritzie55 folds
jacob22 checks
Superboy calls
merhoops calls
master of poker7 raises $725
jacob22 folds
Superboy calls
merhoops calls
Dealing flop: [Qd, 5c, 6c]
Dealing turn: [6s]
Dealing river: [7c]
Superboy shows [8s, 9s] for a straight nine high
merhoops shows [Tc, 3c] for a flush ten high
master of poker7 shows [3s, Qs] for two pair, Queens and sixs
merhoops wins main pot $1,400
merhoops wins side pot $650
Superboy stands up
master of poker7 stands up

master of poker7: stupids pigs
merhoops: lol
cloudberry wrote
at 4:50 PM, Sunday April 22, 2012 EDT
Aw hoops, I just heard, was gonna give you a biggggg hug but I'm not sure your bruised ribs would enjoy it :( Hope your cheek is alright cause I'm sending lots of kisses, hope you feel better soon.
Delboy71 wrote
at 3:18 PM, Thursday March 1, 2012 EST
I told you to stop at $400,324 !!!

congrats jb
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