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j0K3r5_w1Ld wrote
at 4:14 AM, Sunday October 25, 2009 EDT
Hey! How are you? Ain't seen you in awhile. :^D
knaakdaddy wrote
at 11:34 AM, Monday May 4, 2009 EDT
kiss my aZZZZZZZZZ lol :)
kissmy(_|_) wrote
at 6:20 AM, Thursday April 16, 2009 EDT
starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Th, Jh]
Nic03 calls
sagett folds
kissmy(_|_) calls
gekk checks
Dealing flop: [Qh, Js, Ts]
kissmy(_|_) bets $100
gekk folds
xXWhiteBoyXx finishes the tournament 10th
Nic03 calls
Dealing turn: [9h]
looser123 takes a seat
Ando69 takes a seat
link4 takes a seat
Sin City takes a seat
Missalicious takes a seat
kissmy(_|_) bets $100
Nic03 calls
Dealing river: [8h]
kissmy(_|_) bets $100
Nic03 calls
kissmy(_|_) shows [Th, Jh] for a straight flush Queen high
Nic03 shows [Td, 8d] for a straight Queen high
kissmy(_|_) wins main pot $900
kissmy(_|_) wrote
at 8:55 AM, Sunday April 5, 2009 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [8s, 8c]
almasri calls
bjpb checks
ANTE===== raises $1,450
tomy jons folds
2011 raises $1,571
Robinc4959 folds
sligo sits out
sligo folds
sligo sits in
tom=tom95 folds
kissmy(_|_) raises $3,262
almasri folds
bjpb folds
Dealing flop: [8d, Qh, 9d]
Dealing turn: [8h]
Dealing river: [5d]
kissmy(_|_) shows [8s, 8c] for four eights
ANTE===== shows [As, 4h] for a pair of eights
2011 shows [Jh, Ac] for a pair of eights
kissmy(_|_) wins main pot $4,725
JulesDogg wrote
at 12:59 PM, Wednesday March 25, 2009 EDT
Success, when it finally comes, will feel satisfying if you don't cheat rather than hollow and empty when you do cheat.
JulesDogg wrote
at 12:03 AM, Monday March 2, 2009 EST
Lollypop, once the transfer info has gone to Ryan it his decision to reset chips. I know you won all the chips, but inter-account transfers are not allowed either. All your accounts should be playable again now but let me know if this is not the case.
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