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Hate trash talkers
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This player has been modded by the community

was warned to stop -changeAvatar -play -re-register lynnmay 9:04 PM, Saturday November 12, 2011 EST
another knaak, any and all known to be him shall be modded -chat -post. Same person = same abuse -chat -post TLP 5:49 PM, Friday November 11, 2011 EST
abilities restored, following further knowledge of situation. +chat +post TLP 2:43 PM, Thursday March 26, 2009 EDT
obscene language used to harass a player -chat -post mystery man 8:11 PM, Wednesday March 25, 2009 EDT

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Merry Christmas
get her done on Thursday December 23, 2010
phc208: knaak for some reason continues to be ignorant in his speech knaakdaddy: his wife left his ass cause hw's a prick? phc208: he has NO idea of who i am phc208: he has NO info about my family knaakdaddy: like isaid hes an asshole phc208: he makes this all up knaakdaddy: his wife left 3 months ago knaakdaddy: he beats women
phc208 on Wednesday December 30, 2009
Set Suspect Free on Wednesday December 9, 2009
ISuspect.ImSh1t on Tuesday June 23, 2009
seahawks1970 calls keeponsmokinit checks knaakdaddy raises $1,500 phc208 calls pizzaboy calls scooger folds Hot Shot Bassie folds hobschoyce calls Thunder Bob folds seahawks1970 folds keeponsmokinit calls Dealing flop: [9d, 4d, Qc] hobschoyce bets $2,000 keeponsmokinit calls knaakdaddy raises $21,600 phc208 folds pizzaboy calls hobschoyce calls keeponsmokinit calls Dealing turn: [8c] Dealing river: [Jc] knaakdaddy shows [Jh, Jd] for three Jacks pizzaboy shows [4c, 4s] for three fours hobschoyce shows [Qd, Ks] for a pair of Queens keeponsmokinit shows [Ts, Kh] for a straight King high keeponsmokinit wins main pot $70,700 keeponsmokinit wins side pot $5,400 keeponsmokinit wins side pot $2,000 knaakdaddy wins side pot $3,100 pizzaboy stands up hobschoyce stands up pizzaboy takes a seat
keeponsmokinit on Monday April 20, 2009
errepy on Friday April 17, 2009
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