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Hate trash talkers
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TLP wrote
at 3:03 PM, Tuesday August 2, 2011 EDT
TLP You really messed up? I said I'm sorry- but you played me...game on biatch lol fkn cunt

This type of comment just proves I was right when I said I was going to reswerve judgement.

Any repeat of unprovoked abuse such as this will result in -chat to any / all accounts you choose to do it on.

Time you grew up knaak?
TLP wrote
at 5:46 PM, Sunday January 9, 2011 EST
Open a dispute as you wish, I have informed Ryan and he will gather ALL the abusive chat and posts by you to show Paypal proving your behaviour has warranted restriction of your accounts as you have broken site rules.
knaakdaddy wrote
at 1:57 PM, Tuesday May 11, 2010 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [6c, 2h]
t3o folds
RedGiant calls
t3o stands up
MadMadMad calls
t3o takes a seat
Mersu03 calls
knaakdaddy calls
Gliss calls
ko12ko12 checks
Dealing flop: [2c, 8h, 2d]
Gliss bets $1,050
ko12ko12 folds
WildCard63 takes a seat
coorsman45 takes a seat
RedGiant raises $2,700
MadMadMad folds
Mersu03 folds
knaakdaddy raises $4,350
Dealing turn: [Kh]
Dealing river: [2s]
RedGiant shows [8d, 6d] for a full house, twos full of eights
knaakdaddy shows [6c, 2h] for four twos
Gliss shows [7s, 8s] for a full house, twos full of eights
knaakdaddy wins main pot $3,450
knaakdaddy wins side pot $3,300
knaakdaddy wins side pot $1,650
RedGiant stands up
Gliss stands up
RedGiant takes a seat
levskifen takes a sea
knaakdaddy wrote
at 1:33 PM, Friday April 30, 2010 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Ah, Qd]
lucky26062 calls
ImChrisHansen folds
Carlie Dee calls
Mayday88 calls
CoccoLLin! raises $9,000
actionguy9 folds
sofoklo calls
knaakdaddy raises $64,446
lucky26062 raises $69,500
Carlie Dee folds
Mayday88 folds
CoccoLLin! raises $117,946
sofoklo calls
Dealing flop: [9h, 6c, Qh]
Dealing turn: [5h]
Dealing river: [4d]
CoccoLLin! shows [Js, Jh] for a pair of Jacks
sofoklo shows [Tc, Td] for a pair of tens
knaakdaddy shows [Ah, Qd] for a pair of Queens
lucky26062 shows [8h, 8d] for a pair of eights
knaakdaddy wins main pot $263,784
CoccoLLin! wins side pot $15,162
CoccoLLin! wins side pot $57,000
CoccoLLin! wins side pot $27,946
sofoklo stands up
lucky26062 stands up
sofoklo takes a seat
lucky26062 takes a seat
TLP wrote
at 10:38 AM, Thursday December 31, 2009 EST
Knaak please can you quit the abuse of phc as shown in your reveiews. Abide by your byline and stop trash talking please - Thanks
knaakdaddy wrote
at 1:04 PM, Saturday October 31, 2009 EDT
Happy fkn Hollwoeen!!!
fdasfd checks
Beals checks
Dealing river: [3c]
fdasfd checks
Beals checks
MARINE54-64 shows [7h, 9d] for a flush Queen high
fdasfd shows [2c, Ac] for Ace high
Beals shows [Js, 8s] for a pair of Jacks
knaakdaddy shows [Ad, Kd] for a straight flush Ace high
knaakdaddy wins main pot $5,900
MARINE54-64 wins
john27 wrote
at 3:19 PM, Saturday May 9, 2009 EDT
TLP wrote
at 2:38 PM, Thursday March 26, 2009 EDT
Hi Knaak, Apologises that the warning I posted upset you. I was approached regarding the link you kept posting at table. I was unwilling to take actually block your account on the say so of 1 person that I am aware can be confrontational themselves, but felt I had to to do something to acknowledge the complaint. Knowing a little more now please accept my apologies if you felt unfairly treated. Chat abilities have been restored to your account. Happy playing and Good Luck! TLP
TLP wrote
at 8:11 PM, Wednesday March 25, 2009 EDT
It has been brought to my attention that you are harassing Lolly. It must stop immediately or your account will be suspended.
maxima wrote
at 6:31 AM, Tuesday February 24, 2009 EST
maybe i see you at my next lunch break... (hope you understand this terrible english), so long
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