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Recognized on 8:48 PM, Saturday October 26, 2013 EDT by TLP
Thank you from the gpokr community for all the Halloween fun. :-) another well deserved commendation!
Recognized on 11:45 PM, Wednesday October 16, 2013 EDT by lynnmay
An asset to the gpokr family ty for everything
Recognized on 12:13 PM, Thursday December 9, 2010 EST by TLP
Awarded for contribution in spreading Christmas cheer, making fun avatars for many of the community. Good Luck Betty a well deserved Contribution Award

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Betty Thank you for the Light(ed)House Way too cool
beacon3 on Tuesday December 17, 2013
betty can you do me a christmas hat please
Bucktooth on Wednesday December 11, 2013
Hi betty will you please give my avatar some cool halloween stuff ive seen everyone elses and it looks pretty cool,,good job by the way.thank you very much.............
pbj420 on Sunday October 20, 2013
Bettyke All i can say is thank you; Merry Christmas and hope to see you at the tables XX
""ENGLAND"" on Monday December 12, 2011
Friendly player. :)
gpork on Friday December 9, 2011
yourmom666 on Thursday November 11, 2010
BAD LOSER CHAT......... Bettyke: bukllying Time To Be Nice: lol Bettyke: bullying* Time To Be Nice: raising Bettyke: want me to fold and leave? Time To Be Nice: we are heads up Time To Be Nice: ? Time To Be Nice: no i want u to play Time To Be Nice: ? Time To Be Nice: a silly thing to say Time To Be Nice: gg ty Bettyke: not gg at all Time To Be Nice: oh JeffHardy: bravo Time To Be Nice: why? Bettyke: should've just folded Bettyke: u a bully Time To Be Nice: no Bettyke: yes Time To Be Nice: i play heads up Time To Be Nice: properly Time To Be Nice: don't be a bad looser Bettyke: my behind Bettyke: foff
Time To Be Nice on Wednesday October 20, 2010
pga with chubewow
Tifman on Thursday September 16, 2010
An Idiot who does not know how to play.
Tonyo811 on Sunday February 21, 2010
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