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snip snip snip
W00PW00PW00P on Saturday September 12, 2020
Woop woop woop is very nice player, patience is high, technical player but the problem with gpokr program, play according to gpokr not real pokr, gl woop the great
Ramu the hacker on Sunday August 2, 2020
why has the lobster gone away?
unskilled on Monday July 27, 2020
W00PW00PW00P: everyone in real life is like, "Tommy ooohhhh you're so manly"
Celtic Frost Gir on Tuesday June 23, 2020
first off i am not making accusations, i was at the table when you sat with both accounts...the rules state to only play 1 acct at a time. why would you have both accts logged on at the same time if you know the rules. I did put a warning on your wall like i do anyone that breaks the rules...dont take it personal, it was just a warning.
gnice37 on Thursday March 26, 2020
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GPokr is a free texas holdem poker game that is played in monthly competitions.
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