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gnice37 wrote
at 3:58 PM, Wednesday April 1, 2020 EDT
thx for your response woop...i dont think you were cheating, was just letting you know rules say to not play 2 accts at same time, if i was to do a ban, then i would of given more info like table, hand number showing both players, etc.
gnice37 wrote
at 1:30 PM, Thursday March 26, 2020 EDT
first off i am not making accusations, i was at the table when you sat with both accounts...the rules state to only play 1 acct at a time. why would you have both accts logged on at the same time if you know the rules. I did put a warning on your wall like i do anyone that breaks the rules...dont take it personal, it was just a warning.
W00PW00PW00P wrote
at 5:40 PM, Wednesday March 25, 2020 EDT
W00PW00PW00P wrote
at 5:40 PM, Wednesday March 25, 2020 EDT
W00PW00PW00P wrote
at 5:39 PM, Wednesday March 25, 2020 EDT
@gnice37, Yes, thoga2 and w00p are both me. I also immediately left the table when I realized my mistake. I think I played like 200 worth of pots while they were both sitting. If you're going to accuse me like this, please provide context. After all, if you seriously thought I was trying to funnel or seriously cheat in anyway, I'm sure you'd have banned me.
gnice37 wrote
at 7:57 PM, Saturday March 14, 2020 EDT
on 3/13 you were sitting at a table w/ 2 accts (thoga2)...this is against the rules, if caught playing 2 accts at the same time, both accts will be suspended for a period of time. thx
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