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lets leave the cursing at home and not at the tables +chat gnice37 5:20 PM, Friday December 22, 2017 EST
you cant speak like that at tables, take a break from chat -chat gnice37 8:31 PM, Monday December 11, 2017 EST
. +play Ryan 8:20 PM, Tuesday July 14, 2015 EDT
. -play Ryan 8:20 PM, Tuesday July 14, 2015 EDT
please refrain from racist remarks and bad language. next time I will also remove play. +chat gnice37 12:22 AM, Tuesday April 29, 2014 EDT
you were warned for the racist remarks and bad language. chat removed for 3 days -chat gnice37 12:44 AM, Saturday April 26, 2014 EDT

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get back here, luck box!
MST3000! on Thursday November 2, 2017
this was not my fault, there is nothing wrong with words.
POKRMAN1 on Thursday September 18, 2014
POKRMAN1....when you design and launch your own site, you can make whatever rules you want. Until then, any language is welcome in the chat box, except racist, inappropriate language. I hope you understand what I am saying, since I said it in English.
kellykellymoore on Friday April 25, 2014
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