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And you can make book on that!
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KC 97 wrote
at 9:09 PM, Friday April 9, 2021 EDT
per your chat and warning from gnice,you are also getting this warning in writing..for inappropriate comment to a female player..any more comments of this nature could remove chat for a period of time and possible permenent chat ban.
Big Al Rogorson wrote
at 10:03 PM, Sunday August 2, 2020 EDT
Name 'em.
KC 97 wrote
at 9:35 PM, Sunday August 2, 2020 EDT
noone on this site laughs at people when they lose except you..so i do call it harassment..you say you enjoy playing here so why be rude to people..try using nh and gg instead...i wont ban your play ..but will take chat away if you use those sayings.again..to many poeple have complained about your comments...
Big Al Rogorson wrote
at 8:52 PM, Sunday August 2, 2020 EDT
That is not what harassment is, which is why you used "basically." This is selective modding, & you're wrong!
KC 97 wrote
at 8:43 PM, Sunday August 2, 2020 EDT
you are basicly harassing people when you laugh at them when they lose ...and using you AMF saying when you take them off the table..is calling them names which i dont tolerate...member or non member..youn got banned for those reasons and obviously didnt learn...theres your explanation
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