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Sexiest Gpokr player of all time!
Kool Keith on Friday August 15, 2008
Usual~you just dont know how glad I am that you are back:) I missed you and all our good times!! See ya soon~sweet girl:) Good luck~always!!! xxxxxxxxxx
Country Girl on Wednesday May 28, 2008
hi, usual nice seeing you again. next time we'll get to play some hands. g'luck
gummo on Wednesday May 28, 2008
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fat cow on Wednesday May 28, 2008
Hiya US.... Sorry we've missed one another. Can't wait until we can hook up with the old crew and dance on the tables again :)... Hope all is well. Don't become the UsualStranger. GL & TC LW
low wheel on Wednesday May 7, 2008
Welcome back hunny :)
Wentworth Miller on Wednesday May 7, 2008
glad to see ou again hope to see ya more xxx
amanda1 on Wednesday May 7, 2008
Glad you're back again honey stay this time!!!! Hope to see you soon baci baci, Lei.
Lei... on Wednesday May 7, 2008
Well hi there, good to see you're playing some pokr again ^^ see you around sweet lady.. XXX
masuhujo on Wednesday May 7, 2008
Where Are You? ;[
Wentworth Miller on Wednesday April 30, 2008
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